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Can food tins be heated in a microwave oven?

Can food tins be heated in a microwave oven?


In daily life, can common food and gift tins be heated in a microwave oven? If so, how can the tin can be placed safely?The following will tell you the answer.

In general, metal tin cans cannot be heated by microwave ovens, because the microwaves emitted by microwave ovens cannot pass through metal containers. On the contrary, metal cans reflect microwaves, and long-term accumulation will destroy the microwave.Iron cans are environmentally-friendly packaging with good disposal performance, which can protect tea, food, cosmetics, moon cakes, edible oil and other commodities from damage. It has the advantages of preventing the product from volatilization, contamination, collision, leakage, melting, squeezing, loss, etc. However, it is necessary to be careful when using microwave ovens to heat food tins.Because the heating principle of the microwave oven is to use water and food to absorb microwaves to make self-heating achieve the heating effect.However, the metal container tin box is made of tinplate metal, and microwaves will be reflected when they meet the metal tin can container, so that the food cannot be heated by absorbing the microwave, and it will damage the core components of the microwave oven.

Some common sense introductions about microwave ovens: The basic properties of microwaves usually present three characteristics: penetration, reflection and absorption.For glass, plastic packaging and porcelain, microwaves almost pass through without being absorbed by heat.The daily household microwave oven uses a magnetron, which converts electrical energy into microwave energy, so when we use the microwave oven, we should use glass, plastic and porcelain products that are easy to penetrate.

If we really need to heat the food in iron cans, we can pour out the food in the iron cans and place them in glass, plastic and porcelain products that are permeable to heat.If there are no porcelain, glass, and plastic products, you can also use the following scientific methods to heat the tin can in the microwave:

1. Before heating the iron canned food in the microwave oven, fully open the upper lid of the iron can to prevent all the microwaves from being reflected. At the same time, the heating time should not be too long to reduce the probability of damaging the microwave.

2. Quantity of cans heated: The microwave oven can only heat one tin can at a time.

3. Place the cans in the middle of the glass turntable of the microwave oven, and the distance between the food packaging tins and the walls of the microwave oven shall not be less than 2.5 cm. If the microwave oven does not have a glass turntable, the tin cans of food packaging must be placed on a porcelain plate before heating.

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