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Why should the inside of the tin box be painted?

Why should the inside of the tin box be painted?


In our daily life, we often use tin box packaging, and we can always see beautiful tin box packaging when shopping. When you use tin box packaging, have you noticed that there are colors printed inside the tin box packaging?The inner color is usually pure white or colored. Have you ever thought about this? Why print the inside of such a tin box and what is the effect?

In fact, the special material applied in the tin box packaging is used to prevent the contents of the packaging from corroding the tin box, prevent the wall from being contaminated, and better extend the storage time of the goods.It can be clearly seen on the curling edge of the food tin box that the application of decorative coating is not only to prevent corrosion, but also to protect the tin box from external scratches and rust.In addition, this kind of paint can add some beauty to the tinplate box.

The applied coating is non-toxic, harmless, odorless, has good adhesion, good absorption, good flexibility, and good corrosion resistance. It will not produce harmful materials when heated at low temperatures and will not lose the original luster.What exactly is this paint on the outside? In fact, such coatings include phenolic resin coatings, epoxy-phenolic resin coatings, acrylic resin coatings, aluminum powder coatings and so on.Finally, the surface or internal coating of the iron box packaging prevents oxidation of the intermediate layer and protects the iron box from rust.When we studied the ingredients of the packaging, we discovered this kind of chemical ingredients that prevent destructiveness.At the same time, to a certain extent, improve the beauty of the iron box packaging, which will provide consumers with protection and feel more assured of the quality of the product when purchasing the product.

As a new type of packaging, tinplate packaging has made extraordinary achievements in recent years, mainly due to its excellent pressure resistance, plasticity and high temperature resistance.The most important point is that the tin box will not pollute the environment, which is especially important today when consumers are becoming more aware of environmental protection.The packaging of the iron box also meets the national environmental packaging standards. Most of the time, we can recycle them.Compared with the white pollution caused by the use of plastic bags, tin can manufacturers will be more popular with consumers.

For tin box processing plants with 20 years of experience, our process of producing tin boxes is very mature. The tinplate boxes produced by our company can meet the needs of buyers in terms of shape design, product quality and delivery time.

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