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Do you know any information about tinplate cosmetic boxes?

December 10, 2020

What types of common cosmetic boxes are there? What are the production methods and uses of tinplate cosmetic boxes? What are the details of tinplate anti-rust treatment technology? The following will answer these questions for you.

The cosmetic box originated in Europe, and the materials used are mainly gold, silver, tin, copper, iron, wood, and cloth. At present, the most common cosmetic boxes on the market are iron boxes and cloth art.Tinplate is easy to process and customize, and it is convenient to shape. Generally, cosmetic boxes are required to be well sealed, beautifully printed, and convenience to carry.Exquisite cosmetic box packaging can also increase the value of cosmetics. Products with exquisite tinplate packaging and products without exquisite tinplate packaging will have different prices. This means that the price of tinplate cosmetic box packaging is also integrated into the value of the entire product. 

Types of tinplate cosmetic boxes: round cosmetic tin boxes, square cosmetic tin boxes, oval cosmetic tin boxes, special-shaped boxes, etc. can all be customized.In daily life, it is easy for us to ignore quality and safety issues. Unused cosmetics are often easily discarded by us. Cosmetics packed in iron boxes can effectively prevent similar things from happening. Because the tinplate box can be recycled, waste of resources is avoided.

The use of tinplate cosmetic box: tinplate cosmetic box is used as a packaging form of cosmetics, which can not only increase the storage time of products, but also make our living cities less polluted. After use, it can be used as secondary use of medicines, needles and candies, etc.

Detailed explanation of anti-rust treatment technology for tinplate cosmetic box:

As we all know, the main defect of iron materials and products is the problem of anti-rust function. With hundreds of years of experimentation and practice, tinplate has become an iron material that is accepted and respected by the public. Tinplate itself has a strong anti-rust ability, but that is also the result of technical treatment. Let's take a look at how to deal with the anti-rust technology of tinplate cosmetic box.

In the process of processing tinplate, anti-rust oil needs to be added. After the grease or resin in the anti-rust oil is applied to the surface of the metal container as a film-forming substance, it has a certain isolation effect on the rust factors of the iron box.But general oils and fats can dissolve a small amount of oxygen in the air, and can also dissolve a small amount of water. The use of oil alone cannot obtain a satisfactory anti-rust effect. Therefore, corrosion inhibitors must be added. These substances have a very good anti-rust effect on the anti-rust oil.In addition, when the anti-rust oil is applied to the surface of the metal container, it can also play a good anti-rust effect.

For tin box processing plants with 20 years of experience, our process of producing tin boxes is very mature. The tinplate boxes produced by our company can meet the needs of buyers in terms of shape design, product quality and delivery time.

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