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Why use tin boxes as tea cans?

November 11, 2020

In terms of texture, tea cans are generally made of tin, iron, ceramics, glass, paper, etc. Among them, iron colored tea cans with double lids and long-necked tin bottles are the best for storing tea.Due to factors such as price and production process, most of the widely used tea cans in the  market are tin tea boxes, which are popular with the public because of their exquisite printing, novel styles and low cost.

Great tea leaves need good tea cans to store, especially delicate green tea, which has higher requirements for preservation. If you use inappropriate tea cans, the nutrition and taste will be lost, and it will also easily deteriorate.

Tea leaves will absorb enough moisture when exposed to humid air for one hour, and become soft and deteriorate.Therefore, it is impossible to store tea leaves in paper or plastic tea cans to keep the tea quality unchanged. But tin tea cans can solve this problem well.

Why use tin boxes as tea cans?

Owing to tin is non-toxic and harmless to the human body, metal generally has a metallic taste, but tin does not. Besides, the tea cans made of tin boxes are relatively tighter than other materials due to the characteristics of their own materials.Moreover, compared with other types of tea cans, the tin box tea can has  thicker body,  high neck and constant temperature, and the freshness preservation function is also better.

For tin box processing plants with 20 years of experience, our process of producing tin boxes is very mature. The tinplate boxes produced by our company can meet the needs of buyers in terms of shape design, product quality and delivery time.

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