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What are the functions of food tin packaging?

What are the functions of food tin packaging?


Tin boxes are high-end packaging used in many commodities, and tin box packaging needs to meet some basic conditions when applied to food. Many countries attach great importance to food safety issues. In addition to its packaging function, food tin box packaging must also meet food safety requirements.


What are the functions of food tin packaging?

1. The isolation function of food tin box

The tin box can prevent moisture, water, dust, and corrosion. It can block external dust, water and other liquid substances, prevent the packaging from being polluted and the penetration of ultraviolet rays to change the temperature of the food inside, and protect the packaging from sunlight and ultraviolet rays.

2. The transport function of food tin box

The sturdy nature of the tin box allows the product to use a variety of transportation methods and warehouse storage methods during transportation, while also preventing the food inside from being damaged.


3. Highlights of food tin box

The design of the packaging tin box will be more delicate than the traditional packaging. They have beautiful colors, bright and transparent surfaces, which perfectly demonstrate the functions of the goods and can attract many customers to shop.

4. The protective function of food tin box

The food tin box is easy to open, and can be opened and closed many times, and the food inside can be conveniently taken out. When the food box is opened, the food will not splash out and will not cause any harm to people. In addition, when drawing products, you can add other functions to the sealing machine: such as anti-counterfeiting, anti-theft, anti-blocking, spraying, etc.

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