Top 10 Wedding Favors

Popcorn balls, party mints and spiced tea. These are three simple and simple recipes for that fall-time party. Your guests will really be impressed that you made these yourself.

In big bowl, cream together the butter and sugar until pale and creamy, using an electric whisk or a wooden pour. Beat well to obtain lots of air in the mixture (this should take a couple of minutes).

Finally, you will need ribbon and copies of small photos of the bridal couple for your bridal shower favors. You are able to scan a photograph into a computer, and print as plenty of copies since you need. Choose white or pastel ribbon to go with your candles and members. Satin ribbon is good and we will tie basically.

Scrapbooking is rapidly growing in interest in. Why not create mini scrapbooks for your bridal shower favors? Incredibly work best with digital scrapbooking.

I wouldn't like to make you without providing you some ideas favors for your guests. Commensurate with your budget, I have a few suggestions you in order to be quite happy with, Primary. Consider having tea tins made plan the happy couples names and date of married. You could even fill the tins along with a special blended tea created and named after the happy couple. Also a nice idea is really a miniature tea cup using the bride and grooms name on this method.

Perhaps music ' type somebody in which has tried recognized to have your fine teas and liked doing it. Why not set them upon the road to drinking better teas by using a few tins of specialist types a person simply think they'll like?

Notepads - Though small and inexpensive, notepads can are convenient. Whenever someone needs create a note or needs to put in writing a 'to buy' or 'to do' list, they can reach for the notepad you provided to them. These notepads can easily be made into personalized favors by having them made with colored paper as well as by having the date of your shower personalized on the front or back of the piece of paper.
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