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Several methods of tin tea can maintenance

Several methods of tin tea can maintenance


1. Remember to store tin tea cans in a clean, dry place. Not only can the tea can be used longer, but also can prevent the tea from getting wet.

2. Never use a dishwasher or brush to clean tin tea cans.

3. Avoid touching the flame or placing the tin in a heated area. When tin is heated to more than 160 degrees Celsius, its texture will become brittle and the utensils will peel off into powder or dish-like. Therefore, it is recommended that you do not heat tin crafts above 160 degrees Celsius to avoid damage.

4. Do not put beverages or easily melted foods in tin tea cans, so as to prevent the inner layer of the tea cans from being contaminated by substances.

5. Those who live near the sea must clean their tins more frequently, because the large amount of salt in the air will make the tea cans lose their luster.

6. Use warm water to clean the tea caddy, and wipe it with a soft dry cloth after cleaning.

7. Use a soft dry cloth and a high-quality silverware polisher to wipe the tea can to make the surface smooth as new.

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