Nice-can tells you about the advantages of biscuit tin box packaging

November 06, 2020

1. Unique design of biscuit tin box packaging.

Currently, tinplate is usually the raw material used in biscuit tins.The excellent ductility of tinplate can meet the design requirements of various shapes of biscuit packaging, such as square, rectangle, circle, ellipse, and other shapes.This customized biscuit tin box design is more unique and impresses consumers.The outstanding characteristics and personalization of the biscuit tin box can highlight the quality connotation of the biscuit.

2. The tin box packaging has an excellent protective effect on biscuits.

The inside of the biscuit tin box is usually made of plastic or other materials processed into various groove-shaped film trays, so that the light and neatly arranged biscuit can not be easily broken.This kind of tin box packaging uses tinplate material on the outside and a tray on the inside, so the tightness of the tin box is very good, and the compressive strength of the outer packaging is also great.

3. The biscuit tin box is an environmentally friendly and safe product packaging.

Regular tin box manufacturers, when producing biscuit tin boxes, will paint environmentally friendly food grade gold oil on the tinplate printing, which is dedicated to food packaging.The outside of the iron box is printed in four colors or spot colors, which not only has bright colors, but also plays a role in preventing rust. It is a green and healthy packaging.

In addition, the iron box can prevent oxidation and can maintain the better color and taste of food.

For tin box processing plants with 20 years of experience, our process of producing tin boxes is very mature. The tinplate boxes produced by our company can meet the needs of buyers in terms of shape design, product quality and delivery time.

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