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Nice-Can teaches you how to prevent rust in secondary use of tinplate cans


With the improvement of the quality of life and the increasing awareness of green environmental protection, we pay more and more attention to low-carbon life and green environmental protection in our daily lives. Tinplate cans are now gradually replacing carton and wooden box commodity packaging. At the same time, the remaining tinplate boxes can be reused as storage boxes. Recently, a friend discovered that the tin boxes stored in his house were rusty. The following Nice-Can will tell you how to reuse tinplate cans to prevent rust.

In fact, the anti-rust effect of tinplate cans is very good, because in the production process of tinplate cans, the tinplate is plated on the outer layer of tin to isolate it from the air. As you know,corrosion is the cause of air contact with iron.

How to prevent tinplate from recycling tinplate cans?

1. Avoid placing tinplate cans in a humid place, keep the cans dry, and pay attention to handling them gently during use, so that the tin plating layer can always protect the cans.
2. Pay attention to maintenance. Although the iron box is not a particularly expensive item, but if you want to use it for a long time, it is necessary to maintain it. We usually use shoe polish or furniture wax to wipe.
3. If there are rust spots on the iron box, please scrape the rust spots first, then wipe them clean with a rust remover, and finally apply a layer of anti-rust paint.

How to prevent tinplate from rusting after repeated use? You can try the above three methods. Green environmental protection is our common desire, and we can work together to achieve it.

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