Tin box processing factory: Why the quotation of special-shaped Tin box is higher

April 23, 2020

In daily life, we can see the application of packaging everywhere, and all kinds of packaging are square, round, shaped and so on. Now, tin box is  a popular packaging for consumers. Due to the material and processing technology of the tin box, more novel styles of special-shaped tin box are sought after by consumers. However, due to the technological reasons of the manufacturing process, the cost of the special-shaped tin box is also higher.


We usually go shopping with all kinds of tin boxes, seeing more tinplate boxes of ordinary shapes, such as square and round boxes, so we may slowly develop aesthetic fatigue. However, a special-shaped iron box appeared in the field of vision, it will feel very novel. 

Special-shaped tin boxes are more novel than ordinary tin boxes, and the price will be more expensive. This is mainly because each tin box is made of iron materials for printing, cutting, stamping, assembly and packaging. In the manufacturing process, stamping is likely to cause damage to the box, so special-shaped tin boxes are more complicated than ordinary tin boxes and more difficult to punch, so the cost will be higher.

The process of stamping special-shaped tin boxes is very complicated and tedious. The round tin box is the best shape for stamping, because only the iron sheet can be formed by bending, but if the square tin box is not made at the beginning of stamping, the product will not be formed. Therefore, every step must be cautious.

For a tin box processing factory, even if it looks like a simple square, there is such a risk, let alone a special shape. In the stamping process, the deformed iron box will be greatly stretched and deformed, which can easily exceed the limit. The risk of scrapping will be relatively large, and the loss also will be increase.

For tin box processing plants with 20 years of experience, our process of producing tin boxes is very mature. The tinplate boxes produced by our company can meet the needs of buyers in terms of shape design, product quality and delivery time.

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