Gourmet Tea - 5 Interesting Facts

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I would prefer not to provide you with without a person some strategies for favors for your guests. Commensurate with your budget, I possess a few suggestions you always be quite happy with, I am certain. Consider having tea tins made develop the happy couples names and date of weddings. You could even fill the tins by using a special blended tea created and named after the pair. Also a nice idea is often a miniature tea cup using bride and grooms name on it's.

Firstly, selection . tea/s. You not need more than 2 or perhaps 3 varieties and it's a wise idea to does work the popular choices for Darjeeling, Earl Grey, Assam or Lapsang Souchong.

Your fifth choice could be a caddy ultimately shape a pot. Is actually ideal for everybody who is using this as something special for your guests. When they have finished drinking their cuppa they can place their used tea bags on a caddy. The favor gift is white porcelain and comes gift wrapped in its own clear gift travel bag.

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A good tea container is the best longterm option when storing loose leaf tea, a person also want to keep your teas separate and don't mix these people with spices or other kitchen food products. You want to be sure you don't store your herbal tea leaves making use of Oolong tea leaves etc. as each different type of tea may alter the flavour of the other. Try to get separate tins for each, or one tin features separate spaces.
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