Bridal Shower Favors - Fun In A Box!

Making your own patio string lights can be an incredible craft for a cottage weekend as well as backyard slumber party campout. You must begin by asking friends, family and neighbors to collect and keep their used and emptied tin cans. After getting received the desired amount of cans (preferably one you will find many bulb on your string of lights) you will require to clean them thoroughly and remove their paper labels. Now you are able commence with.

Flower bulbs: Similar towards above really, although you maybe restricted as about what varieties you can get. Two or three bulbs in a drug free colored box is a stylish favor choice.

Of course, your wedding mementos do not have to be edible. Nautical motifs will almost popular with preppy brides, and never great regarding inspiration with your favors. Beans are known my favorite nautically inspired favor ideas is a minute seashell having a tea light in which it. This is a simple but unique idea anyone look great on your reception agents.

When using fresh herbs for tea, rub them together or tear them to release the taste producing oil. You can either use a tea infuser or pour hot water directly for your leaves. Certainly strain them before drinking so you won't have to dodge step while enjoying your teas.

If should not finish your pot of hot tea it can be chilled and enjoyed as iced tea tins. Simply add some freshly squeezed lemon juice and garnish with a mint flower or spring of chamomile to maintain the original flavor.

There are extensive other wedding favors that could be customized to be along with a preppy wedding. Madras and plaid are always beloved by preppy girls for summer weddings, some thing terrific idea for favors is to buy mints in little pink and green plaid tins that are customized while using the bride and groom's names. The fun thing about this favor is that even after the mints are gone, your guests will be able to use the little tins for all sorts of things (personally, I would fill mine with spare buttons).

Wait until the sun goes down, pour a glass of wine, ice tea or hot cocoa and enjoy the fruits of your labor! You just made your private tin can patio string lights!
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