What about the minimum order quantity of tin cans in Nice-Can?

In Nice-Can Manufacturing Co., Ltd, different types of products may have different MOQs. If you think it is a bother to contact us, it's suggested that you may browse the page of the "Product Details" on our official website, where the corresponding MOQ is clearly listed. The minimum order quantity, also known as MOQ, refers to the number of units a supplier is able to manufacture and provide in a single production run. To be honest, the reason why we set it is to cover our overall production costs considering our heavy investment in the high-quality materials sourcing, machines update, and large labor costs.
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With years of experience in developing and manufacturing of tin boxes, Nice-Can stands out in today's market competition. Nice-Can provides a wide range of tobacco tin for customers. This product runs clean and stays reasonably cool. Most sealed cells have no vents, and run quietly and do not vibrate. Nice-Can always provides chocolate tins with good price and thoughtful service.
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