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What are the advantages and disadvantages of metal packaging?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of metal packaging?


Metal packaging is a special kind of packaging, because it has the characteristics of metal, good mechanical properties, and is not easy to deform, so it is often used for transportation packaging. So what are the metal packaging? What are the advantages and disadvantages of metal packaging?


1. Good mechanical properties: The metal packaging container is strong in material, not easily deformed, and can withstand collision and stacking;

2. Good barrier performance: metal packaging can effectively isolate air, water vapor, etc. It also has good light shielding properties. Therefore, the packaged items can be better protected, and metal packaging cans are often used for tea, dried fruits, etc.;

3. Good thermal conductivity: canned food can be easily heated directly and cooled quickly;

4. Good ductility, good ductility of metal, and excellent tolerance for complex processing techniques;

5. Easy to use and beautiful. Metal containers generally have a beautiful metallic luster and have excellent printing bearing capacity. Many beverage bottles and cans are beautiful in appearance and easy to carry;

6. Hygiene and safety: The metal packaging is fully compliant. Hygiene and safety requirements for food containers;

7. Easy to recycle: Under normal circumstances, metal containers can be recycled after they are used up. It not only recycles resources, saves energy, but also eliminates environmental pollution. Even if the metal is corroded and scattered in the soil, it will not cause adverse effects on the environment;

8. Good shielding performance: The good shielding performance of the metal packaging container makes it anti-electromagnetic and effective in protecting high-tech electronic equipment.


1. Poor chemical stability: In acidic, alkaline, and humid air environments, metal packaging is easy to rust. But now a variety of excellent coatings can be applied to metal packaging, which can make up for the defects of metal.

2. High price: Among all kinds of packaging, metal packaging is the most expensive. This shortcoming is currently being made up.

        In the packaging industry, metal packaging is an important part, mainly providing packaging services for food, canned food, beverages, oils, chemicals, medicine, stationery, cosmetics and other industries.Metal packaging products are abundant, the application fields are wide, and the development space is huge.

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